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Taktheer Sister Companies

Eitinaa Human Resources Company


EITINAA Company offers highly qualified manpower solutions for both the business and individuals sectors – it holds the highest license from the Ministry of Human Resources to provide companies with visas to recruit and rent workers on monthly basis.

Taktheer Factory


Taktheer is a Façade Cladding Company (GFRC, GFRG, GFRP) operating in Saudi Arabia, and has the highest degree in contractors classifications and also have biggest factory in Saudi Arabia, with more than 20 years’ experience in implementing with the biggest international construction Company by Manufactures and erect the units with International standards.

Eitinaa for Logistics


It provides all kinds of logistics and transportation services with efficiency and great capabilities that have made the largest organizations and companies depend on it

Taktheer for Trading


Owns a retail sector in e-commerce, as well as many service applications, remote work and freelancers -employment.