Taktheer GFRP Factory Saudi Arabia

About Us

Taktheer is a Saudi first-ranking( highest ) classification Contracting Company (The contractors’ classification system (CCS) is the only system used in most of the public agencies in Saudi that prequalifies contractors to ensure their capability and performance).
Taktheer established in 1995. Its head office is located in Riyadh, as well as several branches in other cities in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the leading family companies in the field of contracting and construction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is owned and managed by the same family for over 25 Years. Since its foundation, the company has developed infrastructure and its fields.
Taktheer focuses in delivering the following core businesses: buildings construction and maintenance. Among commercial activities, Taktheer also focuses on manufacturing of pre-cast concrete units. For more than 25 years across the Kingdom, Taktheer has accumulated extensive experience in different fields of construction and maintenance as well as industrial, trade, educational and commercial.
The company played a key part in enhancing the livability of Saudi cities since its establishment, by ensuring the delivery of quality and timely projects while also safeguarding the environment.
Occupational Safety is an essential factor in the success of the company. Taktheer has adopted the highest occupational safety standards that are constantly reviewed and updated. Our primary target, ‘zero tolerance’ policies to ensure that employees work in a safe environment.
The company strives on being in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Saudi Vision 2030.